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China's first heavy oxygen plant put into operation


China's first 100 kg/year heavy oxygen water (oxygen-18) production facility has completed civil works at Shanghai Jinshan Industrialization Base. This device is mainly composed of a series of high-efficiency separation towers, and it will be put into production in March 2007. It will fill the gap in the industrialization of heavy oxygen water in China and completely end the history of the product's dependence on imports.

Heavy oxygen water is a high value-added product that can be widely used in high-end research fields such as chemical reaction mechanism, life sciences, pharmaceutical research, and nuclear medicine. According to reports, the production of heavy oxygen water is based on natural water. Normally, natural water contains 0.2% heavy oxygen water, but it is necessary to have high-efficiency separation technology and equipment for the extraction of heavy oxygen water. It is extremely difficult. In the past, only the United States, Russia, and Israel were able to produce such products in the world.

The production technology of this heavy Oxygen Plant comes from Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry. Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute began to separate oxygen-18 from natural water in 2002. After more than three years of development, it produced about 98% high-purity heavy oxygen water. After clinical trials have proved that product quality meets international standards, it can completely replace imported products abroad, and the production cost is lower than similar foreign products.

In the international market, the price per gram of heavy oxygen water is 90 to 120 US dollars, the domestic market price is 1,000 yuan / gram or more. At present, the global demand for high-purity heavy oxygen water is approximately 600 kg/year, and increases at an average annual rate of 20% to 30%; China's current annual demand is approximately 10 kg, and domestic demand is expected to be reached by 2010. Will exceed 50 kg. Therefore, after the 100 kg/year plant is put into production, a large part of our products will be exported to the international market.

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